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Are you looking for someone to journey with you through the ups and downs of life? Someone who is supportive and compassionate but also honest and direct? If so, then I am here for you. 

My name is Illana Berger, PhD, and I am a spiritual counselor and coach. I offer guidance and support, and on top of that, my unique background and training as a Zen teacher and Roshi, wisdom keeper, indigenous scientist, and spiritual healer bring a unique perspective to the work that I do.

My own journeys of growth and transformation have deeply shaped my understanding and work. Through my own process of self-realization, self-discovery, and life transformation I have acquired an understanding of my vulnerabilities and limitations. It is this awareness that I bring to the work I offer, inspiring you to do the same. With it comes a deep knowing of one’s true nature. By entering the landscapes of your inner life, it is easier to recognize and become aware of what triggers you and how to respond with compassion and kindness.

This is at the heart of conscious relationships, mindful divorce, and conscious love. These things have one thing in common: a commitment to doing your inner work. Only when you can understand and appreciate your self deeply can you really reach out and be open to others in sincere empathy. When you cultivate a compassionate heart, a commitment to your authentic self, and a willingness to live in the present moment can you experience real connection.

By embracing your vulnerability, authenticity and unhindered self-expression you create meaningful, powerful, and beautiful relationships. It is here that you establish an enriching life experience. My unique background and training in Zen, wisdom, indigenous science, and spiritual healing give me the ability to inspire and guide you on this journey. I am here to offer insight and direction so that you can learn to see and love your life just as it is and live the adventure of your life with honesty and fearlessness.

Are you ready to take a leap and heal yourself and your partner? Are you interested in finding a deeper understanding of yourself? Do you want to join me in exploring what lies within you in order to cultivate loving, conscious relationships or a mindful divorce? If so, don't hesitate to reach out. Get in touch with me today at (510) 759-8758 to book a session or for more information.

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