One on One With Illana

I assist you in expanding your personal awareness and consciousness. I instruct you on how to use your awareness to cultivate compassion and kindness toward yourself and the relationships you have. Together, we will explore how your unconscious mind drives your life without your permission, and I will give you the tools to navigate your healed life with intention, understanding, vulnerability, and honesty.

You will discover you are standing on holy ground and have been your whole life. Now you get to turn and face toward the life you have. You will discover how your mind works, how your defenses sabotage what you intend for your life and your relationship, how your body communicates with you, and what your soul is most longing for.

We explore how the tapestry of your life, your defenses, and the stories you carry influence your assumptions, your choices, and your values.

I have had the great privilege to work with elders, healers, and wisdom keepers from all over the world. These wonderful teachers and their teachings have deeply informed me and the work I offer to you.

My core philosophy is that healing and wholeness begin with yourself, then extend to your family, the larger communities that surround you, and finally the Earth herself. With a new awareness and intention, you discover yourself as a secret you have been carrying that is now ready to be revealed.

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