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Join me at G eat Tree of Complete Perception on Patreon and become a supporting member of my work. Great Tree of Complete Perception is my Zen name given to me at my transmission ceremony. My Patreon is an exploration of Finding Magic in the Ordinary through Zen, Koans & Indigenous Wisdom

Zen has become quite popular in recent years and is often used in advertising to suggest awareness or consciousness. Zen is a practice that brings you present to your breath, your body, the world around and within you as well as this very moment you are in. Our relationships, perhaps more than any other experience in life, provides us with unlimited opportunities to discover, heal, transform and awaken to who we are.
We all exist in relationship. In relationship with the air we breathe and the makers of such air, the ground upon which we walk and all the beings of the Earth. The quality of our relationships has a tremendous impact on our happiness, our joy and our peace of mind, not to mention our impact and productiveness in the world.
I explore our relationships with the human and the non-human world as mirrors of our own nature, or as we might say in Zen, our original face before we were born! 

Choose a membership that matches your budget and dive with me into the field of awakening, love and the great mystery of our lives.

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