Seven Directions Zen Meditation Retreats

We come to meditation for many reasons, but mostly to seek relief from our suffering. Indigenous communities look to the directions for guidance and to cultivate a relationship with the tapestry of life. We live in a global world, and the tapestry of life is built by the threads that bind us to each other and to all life. At Seven Directions Zen, we use koan practice, Indigenous wisdom, ritual, interfaith, and mystic teachings to support you in finding peace, happiness, and freedom in the very life you are living while opening up space for the inconceivable to appear.

We want to encourage you to transform your responses to what appears to make you suffer rather than slap on a band-aid. There isn't anywhere other than right here, right now, for you to be. We offer a flexible and adaptable practice that can meet your life just as it is.

We offer meditation Thursday Evenings from 5:00 - 6:30 PM PST. Everyone is welcome. Reach out to me for a link.

Our retreats last 3-8 hours and are based on Zen and indigenous or traditional wisdom. We offer looseness, insight, and inspiration in our practice. This might be an expected experience for you, typically in Zen or meditation practice, but these are essential ingredients to our practice.

Each retreat is organized around a central koan, which provides the frame and richness for the day. We sit together, engage in conversation, ritual or ceremony, and discover the relationships we have with the Earth, ourselves, our loved ones and the life we are living.

Silence and companionship deepen your experience of the vast universe in which you are but a strand. Join us!

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